Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green Cleaning with Baking Soda

Baking soda 001

I love a good green cleaner- for my own sake and for that of the environment; but oftentimes the green way isn’t the most effective way. In my own home this isn’t too much of a problem; but when cleaning homes for a fee (and not a small one either) people come to expect sparkling clean. As they should. However, there are some natural products that have proven themselves able to stand up to their chemical laden counterparts. Baking soda is one of them.

Baking soda 002

The uses for baking soda are long and storied, helping keep hundreds of refrigerators fresh as a daisy; but my favorite use for this double threat is in the bathroom on vanities, sinks and tubs.

I moisten the vanity with a wet cloth and then sprinkle generously the baking soda. Then I spend 10 minutes having a solo dance party in the mirror- what would cleaners do without iPods?? After which, I wipe off the baking soda. Once everything has been wiped and down, I then rinse with water and dry with a micro fiber cloth.

Baking soda 003

This process takes no longer than when using the traditional non green product- and the results are the same. And although I was once told never to make promises, I promise your bathroom will sparkle. Go green!

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