Monday, June 27, 2011

Music to Clean To

When I first started cleaning houses, I cleaned in silence- no music whatsoever; and I would find myself slowing down by midday. There were days when I would fall sorely behind schedule.

And then I was gifted with a new iPhone; and I began downloading music mixes, albums and podcasts to listen to throughout my day. Almost immediately my days started going by faster; I even had a client mention that I seemed to moving at super speed.

Mondays are the day that I share my music pick with you.


Recently I have completely fallen in love with Raphael Saadiq’s new album Stone Rollin’; this album is infused with old school soul and RnB flair. With almost every song completely worthy of a solo dance party or sing along; and I’ll tell you that I have found myself vulnerable to both with this album!

Stone Rollin’ is the eponymous track for the album and it does not disappoint; funky, upbeat and perfect for a sing along! I highly recommend this album to carry you through the week!

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