Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Warriors- Weekend Cleaning Tips Round Up

Happy Friday everyone! This is mine, along with many others, favorite day of the week. You could say my week was interesting. I had a client of mine, deadbolt the door to which I have a key; and although she couldn’t leave work to come and let me in, she really wanted her house cleaned that day; so she offered a solution- breaking and entering. Hand to my heart, it was her suggestion. I’m not usually up for anything illegal in the daylight much less climbing through a clients' window at 11:30 in the AM; but I could see my money waiting on the counter. And you know what? I wanted it. So this week marks my first ever B&E! Mom would be so proud.

The things I do for money…

Anyways, it Friday- the gateway to the weekend; and although today I want nothing more to do with cleaning; this weekend will see me cleaning my own home (leading by example you could say). For those of you with cleaning on the agenda, here are a few tips and tricks from around the web to help you with whatever your task happens to be.

*Before you start your very own Saturday clean-athon, complete with a dance mix make sure you know what’s in your products. This guide from Cleaning Naked is a must read, if you are conscious of chemicals in your cleaners.

For those weekend warriors endeavoring large tasks like washing the walls- I know you’re out there; this concise how to from Mrs. Clean is a goody. Offering a tool list and step by step guide; she even accounts for a 15 minute break, while the drop towel dries. I like this lady!

And for you outdoorsy types, who want to use the weekend to linger and lounge on the lanai; clean your patio furniture with this guide that I found on Love to Know Cleaning. I use this website as a constant reference.

And after we’ve all successfully scratched our cleaning itch, we should enjoy ourselves a drink. Because it is after all, the weekend!


  1. Great links! Thanks!


  2. Thanks Anna! I have some walls to attack this weekend;)