Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Product Review- Green Works by Clorox

Cleaning every day gives me an opportunity to test out various products on a consistent basis; and gage how well a product works over time. Call me crazy, but when I buy a new cleaning product or gadget, I get excited. And when a product is effective, the excitement becomes unpalatable.

I have been using Green Works by Clorox for almost a year now and it would take a whole lot to get me to switch; having already switched and returned to Green Works a number of times. What I like about this product is that it’s a true multi-surface cleaner. While some other multi-surface cleaners claim this, in my experience they have left streaks on mirrors or residue on fixtures. But, with Green Works I am able to move seamlessly from cleaning the tub to shining the mirror and polishing faucet fixtures with ease- this makes a big difference when you are cleaning 4 houses in a day.

I find Green Works offers value to the customer; quite simply because it works so well, I end up using less; one bottle of concentrate last me a whole week or twenty houses. I clean most full sized kitchens with two capfuls of Green Works concentrate diluted with two cups of water; and from start to finish it cuts grease and leaves things sparkling- not streaky. However, in the nature of full disclosure I will tell you that for a really grimy kitchen or bathroom, you might consider doubling the amount to four cups water to two capfuls of Green Works.

What I enjoy most about Green Works is the smell; it’s subtle and inoffensive- it leaves a home light and fresh smelling. This is very important to me because some of my clients have aversion to strong perfumes; and because I clean all day, and heavily scented cleaners give me a screaming headache by the day’s end.

I give Green Works my professional stamp of approval; rating it high for value, effectiveness and scent!

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